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Feb 05

What do I do?

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It feels like this week should have ended by now. To understand why, you naturally analyse what you have been doing recently to find out what the cause might be. Looking back over this week, I have spent time:

  • looking into different internet forum software that integrates well with Joomla.
  • estimating changes for the next release of Pathways CPD.
  • creating word searches in German, Spanish, and French for the teacher tool for Red Snapper.
  • converting updates to Learning Pod lessons and uploading them to the website.
  • managing the export of new completed and signed-off Journey to Excellence movies and then transcoding them for the purposes of transcription and metadata.
  • discussing various future projects - watch this space!
  • planning the structure and productions of the Keeping Myself e-Safe DVDs.
  • meeting to discuss the likely final version of the new Science Curriculum for Excellence guidelines and how to adapt the SSERC website to accomodate these.
  • overseeing a recording session for the Spanish version of the Red Snapper teaching tool.
  • fitting Schwalbe Marathon tyres to my bicycle, so I can still cycle to work when it is frosty without breaking a hip.
  • checking the internal web searches of our site with a view to working out proper weekly reports (there will be more on this in later posts).
  • plus the usual day to day aspects of my job doing backups, answering support calls, etc.

I spent the whole of my first year working at Learning Curve developing just one project (mostly on my own). Time seem distorted then as well but in a different way - back then I learned to play a mean rendition of the How Long How Long Blues by Leroy Carr. Now my son will only let me play I Got My Mojo Working as that best suits "the 3-year-olds dance routine" - but maybe it is well-suited for this week anyway.


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