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May 18

Seeing Red

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The first update of Red Snapper is ready for testing. Apart from a couple of minor changes to the French data, (thanks to Judith from Linlithgow), the major enhancement is to the software library we use to allow users to save their games. This may sound like an insignificant detail but the library was actually causing problems on older PCs, where depending on the weather in the room, and the number of other "goings on", and whether you had discovered the ghost...the game could grind to a halt. Luckily the new version of the library has no such issues - if only we had had it in January. BTW you may have to buy the game to understand all of the above ;-)

It shouldn't be long now before we start producing the next version of Red Herring - there is going to be a fight here over who gets to work on that. Maybe there will be a real modern language murder mystery - HELP!

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