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Learning About Learning

Learning About Learning provides an interactive online resource which brings together established and newly emerging theories about how people learn and what constitutes effective learning.  The new resource - which forms part of the LT Scotland online service - is designed to inform professional thinking and practice about learning and teaching, and encourage education professionals to reflect on their practice and apply new and emerging developments in learning and teaching.

Central to this development was the creation of a wide range of video materials designed to enable teachers to access video exemplifications of school practice, from early years through to primary, secondary and special schools, and covering key areas of learning and teaching.   The resource contains over 100 video components, covering informational movies as well as illustrative case studies and promotional materials.

Filming was carried out in 55 Scottish schools between March 2006 and December 2007.  Learning about Learning was delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with LTS video standards.

In addition to producing the video materials, Learning Curve were closely involved with other components of the development.  This included:

· Planning and scriptwriting

· Graphic art and design components

· Digitisation, editing and encoding

· Transcription

· Metadata

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