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Mar 11

Dysphagia DVD

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Today marked the culmination of a project on which we have been working in association with NHS Education Scotland for over a year.  The final output is a DVD which provides support and advice for carers and relatives of patients who are unfortunate enough to suffer from Dysphagia.

Dysphagia is a condition where the sufferer has difficulty in swallowing, because the muscles involved in the swallowing process no longer work as they should.  Dysphagia is often brought on by a stroke, and usually means that meals and drinks need to be specially prepared to a specific consistency in order that they can be more easily swallowed.

The DVD sets out to explain what Dysphagia is through a series of interviews with NHS staff and other carers.  It also provides invaluable advice about the preparation of food and drinks to the specific consistency as determined by the patient's condition.

The project has completely opened my eyes to the difficulties faced by those unfortunate to suffer from the condition, and I hope that the advice provided in the DVD will be of benefit to carers and patients in the future.

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