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Apr 23

Extending our social media channels

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I have become an avid user of Twitter over the past 3 months, and have seen two major benefits arise from this.

1.  I have been able to communicate with our end users, keeping them informed of product developments

2.  I have been able to interact and engage with teachers across the UK.  This is proving to be of significant value.  Yes, a number of Learning Curve employees are former teachers, but most of us have been away from the front line for a while.

As a point of reference, Learning Curve are now followed by 470 users on Twitter.

However, this post is not about Twitter, it's about Facebook.  Facebook has a much bigger user base than Twitter, and Learning Curve have had a Facebook account for the same length of time as we have had a Twitter account.  And yet we only have a handful of friends on Facebook, and most of these are personal as opposed to connecting with other professionals.  Why?

I think the answer lies in the way in which people use these two different social media resources.  I follow someone on Twitter.  They follow me back.  We can then interact.  Simple.  Our Facebook page just sits there.  It doesnt connect with anyone, and noone connects back (apart from our current circle of friends of course).

However, there is an option in Facebook which has allowed us to create a Learning Curve fan page.  Facebook users don't need to go through the usual protocol of confirming the nature of their relationships when they want to become a fan, they just click the button and that's it.  Simple.

So, if you would like to become a fan of Learning Curve on Facebook, just go to:


and click Become a Fan

I hope to see you on there, and hopefully we can redress the balance between our social media channels...

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