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Mar 02

Learning with Twitter

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Twitter MathsAs a Twitter  user, I have been wondering about the ways in which the micro blogging tool might be used in a learning environment.  Last Friday, I saw Twitter in action in the classroom for the first time, and even had the opportunity to get involved – from the comfort of my own office.
The lesson was organised by Ollie Bray , DHT at Musselburgh Grammar .  A Maths class from the school were learning about bearings and directions, and their teacher had asked Ollie if he might like to be involved in a treasure hunt around by following a series of clues.  A nice concept and a great way to get a member of the SMT involved in teaching and learning.
But what made this lesson dynamic was the way in which Ollie kept the class up-to-date with his progress.  It would have been somewhat impractical to drag 28 pupils around the school with him, so Ollie used Twitter to keep the pupils abreast of his movements.  By using a simple hashtag (#mgsmaths), the class’s Maths teacher was able to broadcast Ollie’s tweets onto a whiteboard.


I became involved when Ollie asked members of his Twitter network to join in.  We were asked to tweet short Maths questions to the class while Ollie made his way around the school.  Within seconds there were 10 or 12 different questions sent in from twitterers across the UK.  As Ollie set off on his treasure hunt, the pupils busied themselves answering the questions they had been set.
The class in question was a low ability S1 group, and the feedback from the lesson was that they had been inspired and motivated by this new approach to learning.  From my perspective it was fantastic to be involved in a dynamic collaborative lesson of this nature.  It shows the potential Twitter has in a learning and teaching environment, and I look forward to hearing about and possibly even taking part in further Twitter learning experiences in the future.
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