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Jun 23

Firrhill High School business placement

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FilmingLearning Curve has a good relationship with a large number of schools around Scotland, of which Firrhill High School in Edinburgh is just one example.  Pupils from Firrhill have appeared in a number of Learning Curve productions, most recently Cav's Story as part of our e-safety range.

So when Firrhill contacted us to ask whether eight S3 pupils could come to our offices to complete a 2 day business placement, we were only too happy to oblige.  The only question was, what would we do to occupy and challenge 8 young people for 2 days.  There is after all only so much tea that we can drink!

We decided that the first morning should be presented as an opportunity for the Firrhill pupils to discover what it is that Learning Curve do.  We have a range of roles within our organisation including film crew, software developers, admin assistants, graphic artists, content developers, sales staff and of course managers.  We set the pupils up in our boardroom, and each member of staff took 10 minutes to explain their job and highlight an example of their work before giving the pupils an opportunity to ask questions.

For the rest of the session we thought it was important that pupils got an opportunity to do some hands-on work.  We also felt quite strongly that whatever the pupils produced should be something of genuine value and use, and not just a fake product which they could take back to school with them.

As we are focusing much of our internal development on a Curriculum for Excellence at the moment, we thought it would be an interesting take to see if the pupils could create a short film explaining what a Curriculum for Excellence meant to them.  We gave them pointers in terms of research, and provided access to our staff and technologies, but in essence the film was designed, scripted, directed and produced by the Firrhill pupils.  The final result can be seen on our new Curriculum for Excellence website.  It's quite an achievement considering that the pupils only had a day and a half in which to complete the final movie.


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I think it's fair to say that the 2 days were a great success, not just for the pupils of Firrhill High School, but also to the staff at Learning Curve Education.

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