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Formative Assessment in Science
Formative Assessment in Science

Formative Assessment is a staff development resource that helps teachers to plan and implement formative assessment strategies. The program (Mac and PC) also provides practical support and advice for primary and secondary teachers in addressing the key recommendations of the Assessment for Learning Programme.

Benefits to Teachers


The Formative Assessment resource contains a range of video clips which:

  • explain and demonstrate the key principles of formative assessment
  • exemplify formative assessment techniques within the context of primary and secondary science
  • offer practical tips and advice to improve classroom practice
  • provide support for whole school and departmental staff development programmes

Formative Assessment also offers teachers the facility to:

  • evaluate classroom teaching against national benchmarks of best practice
  • identify aspects of formative assessment to be developed or implemented
  • review key elements of formative assessment including Sharing Learning Intentions, Questioning, Self and Peer Assessment and Feedback
  • produce a staff development action plan related to formative assessment

The CD contains a range of related exemplar materials which may be used to support teaching and learning. These include:

  • Topic Plans for science (primary and secondary)
  • Lesson Plans for science (primary and secondary)
  • Curricular materials to support classroom teaching

Formative Assessment is easy to use and teacher friendly. It has been designed to help all teachers improve the quality of their teaching and raise the attainment of pupils.

"Formative assessment is at the forefront of many initiatives and strategies in science education these days; so I was excited to get this resource for review."
Andrea Pearce - School Science Review (June 2005)

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