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e-safety Secondary | E-safety for pupils in secondary School

e-Safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying Aisha

e-Safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying are major issues affecting the lives of young people today.  Keeping Myself e-Safe (Secondary) teaches secondary pupils how to stay safe when using the internet and other digital technologies.

Keeping Myself e-Safe is a collection of animated stories each of which has been designed to promote discussion and raise awareness about e-safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying.

These powerful and hard-hitting stories address:

  • e-safety for pupils
  • Internet safety
  • Cyber bullying
  • Internet grooming
  • Social networking
  • Phishing, adware and malware
  • Video and mobile technologies
  • Intellectual copyright
  • Identity theft and online fraud
  • Instant messaging and e-mail
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • e-safety for schools

Available on DVD and online

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Keeping Myself e-Safe is also available for primary schools.  Click here to view the primary version of Keeping Myself e-Safe


Aisha's Story

Aisha is a regular user of the social networking site Face2Face. She strikes up an online relationship with Obi, a teenage boy who lives on the other side of town. Before long, Aisha has given Obi personal details including her mobile number and even agrees to a web cam session. Eventually, Obi persuades Aisha to meet him at his uncles recording studio, where Aisha finds that Obi is not what he seems...


Becky's Story

Becky has recently split up with her boyfriend Imran after she discovered he had been involved in recording "happy slapping" attacks on his mobile phone. When Becky refuses to continue their relationship Imran sends her threatening text messages and shares some intimate images of Becky captured on this phone with other pupils at school...

hassanHassan's Story

Hassan is a 14-year-old boy who spends a lot of time on the internet. He uses his computer to make pirate films and DVD's and sells them to school friends. He also makes use of cyber plagiarism to get good school grades in school essays. Hassan is addicted to online gaming and often uses his father's credit card without his knowledge to make purchases for his favourite game. One evening however, Hassan tries to download items from a fake-fronted website, with disastrous consequences...

Cav's Storycav

Cav and Jed are best friends. When Marek - a Polish teenager - arrives at their school, Jed takes an instant dislike to him. He sets up a fake social networking profile in Marek's name and posts false information and hurtful comments. Cav realises that this might be upsetting for Marek, but joins in the cyberbullying of their new classmate along with other students. Cav also gets an email from his bank requesting personal information, which he submits without realising it is phishing. He then uses his own social networking profile to advertise a party at his house. Unwisely, he has not placed any restrictions on those who are allowed to view his online profile, and this leads to a series of unfortunate events...

e-Safety Toolkit

Keeping Myself e-Safe also includes an e-Safety toolkit. The toolkit contains a range of additional movies that explain the main e-Safety issues for young people, and offers valuable information and advice on how to keep safe when using the internet and other digital technologies.The e-Safety toolkit supports e-safety for pupils, and e-safety in schools.

Teacher's Support Pack

A comprehensive support pack provides information and advice for teachers including:

  • a lesson plan appropriate to age and stage; resources required; learning objectives; and recommended teaching approaches
  • a range of questions, discussion points and suggested responses
  • extended discussion topics and activities
  • fact sheets containing up-to-date statistics and advice
  • strategies which support e-safety for pupils, and e-safety in schools


Click here to read a review of Keeping Myself e-Safe by Dominic Tester, Assistant Head Teacher at Costello Technology College.

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