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e-safety Primary | E-safety for pupils in primary School

e-Safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying

e-Safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying are major issues affecting the lives of young people today.  Keeping Myself e-Safe (Primary) teaches primary pupils how to stay safe when using the internet and other digital technologies.

Keeping Myself e-Safe is a collection of animated stories each of which has been designed to promote discussion and raise awareness about e-safety, Internet safety and cyber bullying.

These powerful and hard-hitting stories address:

  • e-safety for pupils
  • Internet safety
  • Cyber bullying
  • Internet grooming
  • Social networking
  • Phishing, adware and malware
  • Video and mobile technologies
  • Intellectual copyright
  • Identity theft and online fraud
  • Instant messaging and e-mail
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing
  • e-safety in schools


Available on DVD and online


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Keeping Myself e-Safe is also available for secondary schools.  Click here to view the secondary version of Keeping Myself e-Safe


Ahmet's Story

Ahmet has recently joined the social networking site Face2Face.  Initially he sees it as a bit of fun, although he naively leaves his personal profile open for anyone to view. Ahmet and his friends get into trouble for using Face2Face to cyberbully another boy at school - they publish a fake profile and write a blog about him.  But now Ahmet is getting strange calls and emails, and he keeps seeing a strange man loitering over the road from his house...


Amber's Story

Amber is delighted when she is given a new 3G mobile phone for her 11th birthday.  Not long afterwards, Amber falls out with her best friends who begin sending her threatening and abusive text messages.  They also capture a video of Amber getting changed for PE, which is shown around theschool.  To make matters worse, Amber's dad is angry with her because she has been calling premium rate telephone numbers.  As the abusive text messages from her friends become worse, Amber starts to feign illness to avoid going to school...


Mark's Story

Mark is 11 and his favourite hobbies are playing computer games and surfing the web.  He first gets in to trouble when his teacher catches him using the internet to plagiarise an essay.  Things get worse when Mark's friend Stevie shows him how to use peer-to-peer networking, and Mark illegally downloads an 18-certificate game.  Things come to a head when the game prompts mark to enter payment details in order to continue, and he uses his mother's credit card...


Raz's Story

Raz's Story relates to the experience of an 11-year-old girl who enjoys making friends and chatting with new people on the internet.  During one chat room session Raz meets someone called Spyder, whom she believes to be a boy of her own age, with a remarkably similar array of common interests.  As the story unfolds, Raz is persuaded to reveal personal information and she eventually agrees to a real life meeting with Spyder without the knowledge of her parents...

e-Safety Toolkit

Keeping Myself e-Safe also includes an e-Safety toolkit.  The toolkit contains a range of additional movies that explain the main e-Safety issues for young people,  and offers valuable information and advice on how to keep safe when using the internet and other digital technologies.  The e-Safety toolkit supports e-safety for pupils, and e-safety in schools.

Teacher's Support Pack

A comprehensive support pack provides information and advice for teachers including:

  • a lesson plan appropriate to age and stage; resources required; learning objectives; and recommended teaching approaches
  • a range of questions, discussion points and suggested responses
  • extended discussion topics and activities
  • fact sheets containing up-to-date statistics and advice
  • strategies which support e-safety for pupils, and e-safety in schools

Ordering Information

Price: £125 + VAT

To order Keeping Myself e-Safe, or to arrange a free trial, please call our sales department on 0131 467 4179, or email sales@learningcurve.info .