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Red Herring

A murder mystery for pupils studying French or German.

Spanish available soon

About Red Herring

Red HerringRed Herring is an interactive computer game designed to support the learning and teaching of modern languages.  Players adopt the role of a police detective investigating the murder of a local journalist, Max Herring.  They must interview the residents of Max's home town in order to uncover clues and solve the crime.  The game also contains a range of engaging vocabulary prizes designed to enhance the learning process.


A different learning experience

Red Herring is an immersive learning experience for young people.  From the beginning, pupils are captivated by the original and gripping storylines.  once they are drawn in to solving the mystery of the murder of Max Herring, learners see the vocabulary tasks as integral to the challenge of the game.  They also benefit from interacting with, and listening to, native language speakers.  Red Herring includes a built-in automated translation system to support less confident learners.

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Age and Stage

Red Herring is suitable for learners at Key Stages 3 and 4 who are studying French, Spanish or German.

Playing the game

The aim of the game is to unravel the mysterious murder of journalist Max herring.  In order to solve the crime, learners are required to:

  • interview witnesses and suspect who respond in their natural language
  • use vocabulary skills to uncover vital clues and forensic evidence
  • solve language puzzles to reveal the identity of the murderer
  • complete special tasks to test knowledge of the target language, culture and travel

A flexible solution

Red Herring supports learning within a range of different environments.  It can be:

  • installed on a school network and played by learners independently, or in groups
  • played as a whole-class learning experience using a laptop connected to a data projector or interactive whiteboard
  • accessed from home to reinforce key vocabulary and learning, and to engage parents in the learning experience
  • played independently within study centres and support for learning departments

Ordering information

Red Herring (single language pack)                £250

Red Herring (additional language packs)        £100

To order Red Herring, please call our sales department on 0131 467 4179, or email sales@learningcurve.info


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