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Rachel Miller's Diary

A new approach to drugs education

Rachel Miller's DiaryRachel Miller’s Diary tells the story of a 15 year-old girl whose life is tragically cut short when she is involved in a road accident.

Rachel was a bright and sensible 15 year old girl with many friends, but as the story of the final week of her life unfolds, it becomes clear that Rachel had been using drugs for some time, and that drugs may have contributed to her death.

This powerful and moving fly-on-the wall documentary combines video diary footage made by Rachel in the week before her death, with interviews featuring Rachel’s family and close friends, who are still coming to terms with their loss.

The film is presented in 6 chapters, each focusing on different aspects of drugs education including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other recreational drugs.  Each chapter promotes discussion and raises awareness of drugs issues that affect the lives of young people.

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Rachel Miller’s Diary is a comprehensive drugs education programme containing the following teaching and learning resources.


Rachel Miller’s diary – a film presented in 6 chapters.

Teacher’s Guide

A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide offering advice and information on drugs education.

Case Book

The Case Book helps students explore how drugs influenced Rachel’s life and why some young people choose to experiment with recreational drugs.  Students also consider society’s conflicting views about drug taking, and how peer pressure and media messages can influence perceptions about drugs.

Drugs Fact File

Pupils can refer to a Drugs Fact File containing information and advice about a wide range of drugs including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, solvents, heroin, ecstasy and other recreational drugs.

Drugs Quiz

Pupils can test their knowledge and awareness of different drugs by completing the Drugs Quiz.  This covers general information about drugs, their street names, their effects and associated health risks, together with the legal implications of drug use and abuse.

Extension Activities

These provide students with opportunities for cross-curricular activities including drama, writing, ICT and art.

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